New Rossi AGVs: Investments for the future

AGV to release limited edition replicas of the Rossi Wake Up! and Faces specials

Valentino Rossi is edging towards the twilight of his career and anything that has been attached to the biggest star to come out of MotoGP is destined to be worthy of a collector’s treasure trove.

Whenever Rossi has raced at a track that has some kind of importance to the Italian his AGV often gets coated with a one-off Aldo Drudi special, this year has seen the Wake Up! and Faces designs.

At Laguna, and in line with the Fiat Yamaha M1’s face-scheme, Rossi had his AGV decorated with the grins of those who helped and supported him on his road to recovery after his leg-cracking crash at Mugello.

The clock face of the Wake Up! design made reference to the dogged season that Vale was enduring through injuries and that he needed to treat each coming round like a fresh, brand new day.

The GP Tech is the flagship racing helmet on offer from the Italian manufacturer and features a Kevlar-Carbon shell with an integrated ventilation system and aerodynamic ‘teardrop’ shape for minimum drag and various other tech with the standard removable lining and D-Ring strap.

The replicas will differ from the ones Rossi wore, meaning they will likely come sans-Monster sponsorship. Both of the special AGV GP Techs will get a limited run of 250 and will retail at £549.99.

FACES available in November and Wake Up! released in December. Drop a message to or call 01773 864420 to find out the nearest dealer.