New: NZI Chic Chupa Chups helmet

New product showcase from Visordown

The business of branding staggers me at times.

The only hint of association between a lollipop and a motorcycle rider that I can think of would  be on a thin day with a crash helmet on I might, with blurred vision, look like one.

However the prominence of Chupa Chups helmets is sure to increase with Jorge Lorenzo’s (or Lothario as I like to call him) dominant success this season.

Coming in two colours, a very fresh blue and sweet pink, they’re bright and fun with a simple embossed logo on each side. They’re coated with a matt rubberised surface – odd but strangely satisfying to touch, the lining is stylish with brown and cream panels but will show dirt quicker than you’d like.

The visor doesn’t lock, but visibility seemed good. For a midrange priced helmet, it is just that.

Pros: funky feeling surface, fun
Cons: lining will show dirt quickly

Price: £155