New: Kleers Motorsport cleaning products

Car care manufacturer launches new range of products aimed at motorcyclists

KLEERS have launched a brand new range of cleaning products aimed squarely at the motorsports market - ideal for the motorcyclist.

The range, brand new for 2012, includes anti-fog visor spray and helmet sanitizer. All the products come in handy small spray bottles for the purpose of quick use in the paddock (perfectly suited to tucking somewhere on your person).

The helmet sanitizer is an antidote for sweaty heads - designed to keep helmets fresh and clean with a quick spray after a long ride. Kleers claim it utilizes something called 'Silver Ion' technology, which of course sounds brilliant (although what it actually means is anyone's guess).

Better still, the visor spray coats your visor in a thin layer of anti-fog fluid, perfect for keeping visibility on a cold day. Kleers might have found themselves a market in bikers...