New kit: TCX R-S2 EVO

Air-fit boots

The R-S2 EVO boots from TCX are a high-end track focused and fast road riding boot, crammed with tech.

The first thing you notice about these TCX boots, especially with the white and red versions, is the exoskeleton on the back of the boot. This ‘Torsion Control System’ allows a good range of lateral and longitudinal motion within a set safe limit. And with these being the EVO version of the R-S2 there’s even carbon fibre used to help keep weight down. Fancy.

The alloy toe slider has an interesting design, with a living hinge that flexes and to give you a little more movement for your metatarsal foot bones. The slider is secured via two small bolts (so there’s no danger of the boots becoming useless if you over enthusiasm ends up with you grinding through your slider and the mechanism used to hold it in place like some boots out there). Talking of sliders, there are further alloy sliders on the heel and ankle with two polyurethane at the top of the boot.

The R-S2 EVO boots feature a smaller inner booty, with laces that are connected to the boot’s liner. This is easily tightened with a speed lace pull cord. The boots can then be secured with a side zip and large velcro panel. 

A feature that reminded me of 90’s Reebok trainers is the air pump on the side of the boots. PAFS stands for Precise Air Fit System and it seems to work pretty well, allowing a snug fit to your personal liking.

Very welcome during this hot spell, are air vents and a perforated leather panel at the front of the boot. Which in addition to the breathable upper and lining helps to keep your feet cool whilst on the move.
But for all the tech, the best thing about these boots are that you forget all about them as soon as they’re on. I have never worn such a comfortable pair of motorcycle boots before. I just hope I keep this pair looking white for a little while to come.

TCX R-S2 EVO boots are also available in red and black colourways and can be found online for £299.
Find out more at TCX.

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