New kit: Davida Jet helmet

Classic looking open-face helmet

The Davida Jet helmet is a quality piece of kit, made here in dear Old Blighty. I got my hands on one just a few days before I went on the CB1100 launch last week and I thought it suited Honda's big retro perfectly.

The lining and finish is superb, with high gloss paint and a padded/quilted leather interior. The Davida logo and purple silk on the inside crown shouts 'vintage' but the Jet is ACU Gold approved and certified to the European Safety Standard ECE R22-05. 

You'll need a size larger than normal but then no one would actually buy a helmet without testing it for size first would they? The fit was comfortable straight out the box and will only get better in time.

Obviously the UK weather doesn't ideally lend itself to an open face at the moment but that's nothing a neck roll or a few months can't fix. Once on the Jet was really quiet but I still wore earplugs and was grateful for them once up to a decent speed.

This particular model has the optional visor/peak studs and rear 'goggle retainer'. There are loads of styles available (including some great Rollerball replicas) but Davida can personalise helmet colours and designs on request should you want that 'something special'.

The Davida Jet helmet weighs 1250g with prices ranging from £240 to £270.
The ‘D4Vi9A YMG’ goggles (complete with clear/black/yellow interchangeable lenses) cost £46.

Find out more at Davida.