New kit: Alpinestars S-MX 5 boots

Whiter than white kicks

MY previous boots were a pair of Alpinestars S-MX Rs, used all year round and were pretty much faultless. Sure it would be nice to have waterproof boots when it rains, winter boots when it's cold and perforated boots come summer, but as all rounder they suited me perfectly. That is until the zipper finally gave up after 3 years use.

To replace them I have got another pair of Alpinestars. The S-MX may be the model down from my previous boots, but still have a quality feel. There's no additional ratchet fastener or inside boot as found on the more expensive Alpinestars models, but then there's no squeaking whilst you walk either.

At first wear they were certainly on the tight side and I had concerns for the zipper but after a few hours riding during the 2013 CB1100 launch they had stretched enough for the zipper to run smoothly. I could have worn them all day, they were honestly more comfortable than my knackered Converse trainers.

As with other Aplinestars boots they have interchangeable toe sliders and are CE certified. They cost £169 and are also available in black, black/white/red, black/blue with black waterproof versions costing £199.