New: Gear Gremlin deluxe covers

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GEAR GREMLIN, which makes a wide range of bike products and accessories, has launched a range of deluxe covers to suit most machines, from 50cc scooters to large sports-touring motorcycles. 

The manufacturer says: "Manufactured from a fine polyester with a PU coating, the Deluxe covers have taped and welded seams to make them waterproof, while twin air vents allow moisture to escape, preventing condensation build-up. A heat resistant soft white fleece is laminated onto the inside to protect bodywork. Helping to keep the deluxe cover in place is an elasticated hem, held securely in place by the strap and buckle system. Not only will the deluxe cover keep a motorcycle or scooter dry, it will also provide protection from dust, spray from passing vehicles, bird droppings and UV exposure, not to mention prying eyes - the police advise owners to cover their machines if possible. A Gear Gremlin reflective logo is printed on the cover to improve visibility in low light conditions."

The Gear Gremlin covers come in three sizes:

  • small (1580mm x 880mm x 880mm) - retailing for £55.99
  • medium (1730mm x 940mm x 1400mm) - £65.99
  • large (2100mm x 1060mm x 1500mm) - £75.99

and are available from The Key Collection.