New: Forcefield inserts for Kriega

Baby got back

KRIEGA is well known for making backpacks that take the weight of the world off your shoulders. If you wear a Kriega pack when you ride, you can now do your back an extra favour.

Forcefield has come up with a fully CE-approved back protector insert designed specifically to fit into Kriega's R15, R20, R 25, R30 and R35 models. 

The inserts are made from Forcefield’s M15 Expanded Dampening System (formulated PVC nitrate) which is certified to EN1621-2, the highest standard for back protectors.

They are breathable, flexible and incorporate Forcefield's Repeat Performance Technology which, unlike many other protectors on the market, allows multiple impacts with no loss of protective performance. 

They come in Small and Medium sizes, weigh 275-350g, and are now available at Kriega dealers for £45.