New: 2013 Dainese collection

Leathers, jackets, boots... Dainese has something new for everyone

DAINESE has announced a whole bunch of new kit for 2013. 

The Italian company's new Crono leathers, the P.Estiva one-piece and the Div two-piece, are technical suits boasting aluminum shoulder inserts and certified composite and pro-shape soft protectors. The Estiva is perforated for warmer weather and has an aerodynamic spoiler. Price: £695 / £635. 

The Super Speed Pelle is a new sports leather jacket made of Dainese’s D-Skin and S1 fabrics, with microelastic inserts and bi-directional elastic areas. It has titanium shoulder inserts, pockets for a chest and back protector and an aerodynamic spoiler. A summer version with perforated leather is also available. Price: £520.

There's also a textile (mesh) Super Speed sports jacket, also packed with aluminum shoulder inserts, composite protectors and chest and back protector pockets. There are numerous adjusters, a long zipper to connect to trousers, and a removable windproof insert. Price: £235.

The Stradon is a premium touring jacket featuring aluminum shoulder inserts, composite elbow protection and a pocket for a chest/back protector. A breathable waterproof membrane is laminated to the high strength fabric inserts, and there are cowhide inserts on the elbows and back. Highly adjustable, it has a removable double collar and a removable external collar. Price: £785.

The Luma Lady ankle boot for women is made from cowhide leather with a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. Fitted specifically for a female foot, it has nylon ankle inserts, thermoformed shin inserts and a non-slip sole. Price: £165.

Last but not the least, there's the SSC Alpha D-WP casual boot, designed for excellent movement and fit, and featuring a waterproof insert, external TPU casing, nylon heel insert, elasticated inner inserts, reinforced shift guard and reflective inserts. Price: £155.