New: 120dB Denali Split SoundBomb motorcycle horn

Four-times louder than a standard horn

FOLLOWING the release of the original Denali SoundBomb, R&G has released a new version which it claims to be more stylish and fitment friendly.

The horn has a new design that allows the compressor to be fitted separately to the acoustic unit, which enables the horn to be mounted on all bikes, even those with limited space.

The SoundBomb’s 20dB increase over a standard horn equates to being four-times louder at three feet away.

Measuring 4.5” wide, 2.9” high and 3” deep, it costs £39.99 and comes with a 12V, 20A relay.

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett added 'We take motorcycle safety very seriously at R&G, and being heard can be a vital tool on the road. Being four times louder than a standard horn, the Denali Split SoundBomb will ensure riders are heard clearly on the road, whilst being small enough to be unobtrusive on any machine.'

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