How to stay as dry as a bone

Link: Waterproof textile jacket showcase
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Link: Waterprrof textile boots showcase

A viral video this week showed a magical product called NeverWet. This 'superhydrophobic' spray-on coating creates a barrier repelling not just water, but also mud, ice and even mustard and fizzy drinks. Although a similar video was seen a couple of years ago, the product is finally ready for the public (at least in the US) to buy and gathering interest.

Costing $20 for two cans (a base coat and top coat) this eagerly awaiting product is about to hit US shelves at Home Depot.

For bikers, this could make not only help ensure 'waterproof' jackets, boots and gloves become truly water resistant, but it can do so whilst ensuring that these items are still breathable (as it allows water vapour from boots and jackets to pass through the barrier in gaseous form).  

I've only touched on the obvious uses here, but imagine parking a bike up in a heavy shower only to come back to a dry seat seconds later. You could ride off-road all day without having to jet wash everything on your return home. No more panicking at dark clouds over the motorway just as you realise you left your mobile in an outside pocket. Or having to pull over to protect a laptop/sandwiches/library books that are in a tatty old canvas rucksack.

If this product can really help keep riders dry, bikes shiny and visors clear, then all I can say is "take my money!".