Muc-Off Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit

Perfect for a bit of 'me time' this Christmas

Muc-Off's latest motorcycle cleaning pack bills itself as the 'ultimate' and to be honest, it's not far off.

The kit contains four brushes, a sponge, microfibre cloth, Muc-Off's infamous pink cleaning fluid, detailing wax and bike spray. Plus it all comes in a handy click-close portable box.

I've been using Muc-Off's brushes this year and they're fantastic; the right brush in the right place will not only get your bike coming up super clean but will also save you a lot of time and aggro. The double-pronged brush (on the far left of the picture) is great for getting wheels clean, while the diddy small brush (second from the top of the right) is perfect for getting flies and road crud that always seems to be welded to the front of the bike and fork legs.

All in all a great kit. I'd just get another cheap sponge (for the initial once-over as it ends up getting reallly dirty) and keep the Muc-Off one for the second scrub and a couple of cheap buckets; one with fresh hot water, the other with cold water to rinse everything off.

Price: £49.99