Muc-Off Leather Cleaner and Protector

Boffins at Muc-Off HQ come up with more ways for us to clean things

Summer is around the corner. Well, it might be here in 12 months, any rate..

So if you're one of those OCD types that needs to have everything spotless for the season ahead, then you could be interested in the Muc-Off Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector, priced at £7 each.

The Leather Cleaner is alcohol free and designed to clean while not stripping the leather of its natural oils.

Once clean, you can use the Leather Protector to give a smooth protective matt finish. The product information reads like the contents of my girlfriend's bathroom; it contains shea butter, natural oils and beeswax. Not good for your man-points but probably very good for your leathers.

We'll be testing it out on one of our very bug-splattered leather jackets.

Cost: £7 each

Contact: / 01202 307 790