MotoGP exclusive Tissot watch

Tissot release limited edition MotoGP time piece

Stand out in the paddock with the limited edition Tissot MotoGP T-Race watch.

"Inspired by cutting-edge motorbike engineering and fusing style with precision timing, the Tissot MotoGP T-Race is the perfect way for adrenaline junkies to ensure they stay ahead both on and off the track. Limited to just 8,000 crash helmet containing a set of authentic motorbike handle grips, making it the ultimate collector’s item.

"Taking its design directly from the motorsport, the watch features a black rubber strap which reflects the texture of high performance motorbike tyres and a carbon fibre dial made of the super-light material used for the brakes of professional motorbikes. The Tissot T-Race also features a GMT scale on the bezel, which allows fans to keep track of the race start times in all 15 countries around the world."

The exclusive time piece is priced at £530. For more information visit