Mobiwasher V-17 - portable jet wash

Portable pressure washer makes debut appearance at Visordown HQ

Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't heard of Mobiwasher, the only pressure washers I really knew about were the ones from Karcher.

I googled for Karcher rivals and came up with this Mobiwasher V-17, so I thought I'd get one in to check it out.

I've just unboxed it and it looks perfect for my needs; I keep my bike in a lock-up around the corner and don't have power there, the Mobiwasher V-17 can be charged up and powered by its battery and it carries 17 litres of water.

If, like me, you are seriously anal about keeping your bikes clean, you have a mountain bike, a dirt bike or you keep your bike away from the house, then this Mobiwasher V-17 could be just what you need.

So I'll be trying it out this week and I'll report back with a full review. Meantime you can check out