Leo Vince release RSV4 exhaust goodness

If you're lucky enough to own an RSV4, then Leo Vince have an exhaust for you

Leo Vince are releasing four exhaust systems for the new RSV4, two slip-ons and two full systems.

The compact SBK-Factory silencers are 100% titanium construction, oval design with unique squared off tops and bottoms, shed kilo's of weight when compared to the gargantuan stock RSV4 exhaust, and are available in a choice of titanium casing, or carbon fibre casing complete with tapered carbon tailcone.

As for sound, you'll get a typical deep LeoVince exhaust note from these large bore exhausts, much sportier than the standard offering.  Both the slip-on's and the complete systems are fully road legal 'E' approved specification...and with removable db baffles, you can enjoy a more audible racetrack sound. 
Carbon fibre support straps, lathe turned fittings, AISI304 pipework, meticulous tig welding and quality mounting kits all add up to premium quality exhausts - but at realistic down to earth prices  -  £471 inc vat for the slip-on's - and £1132 inc vat for the systems (same price for titanium or carbon casing)
Call Moto.GB now on 0845 094 1934 if you're a gibbering wreck, clutching your credit card and need this in your life.