I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears

Sarry? Pardon? Can you speak up a bit?

I wish I'd always worn ear plugs, but I'm ashamed to say I haven't. And now my hearing is rubbish. Sorry?!

Years of riding all sorts of motorcycles including various ridiculously loud race bikes, 12-hour stints through Europe, days on track and multiple flat-out speed testing runs have completely knackered my 28-year old ear drums. What was that?!

And ear plugs aren't going to save me, but they would have prevented my hearing from being as hopeless as it is today. So I thought these were worth a plug. They're Laser Lite ear plugs and I got a box of them from the good guys at www.earplugged.co.uk. Speak up a bit?!

I've trialled all sorts of shapes and sizes recently and these ones fit the best, cut out the most amount of noise and are comfortable to wear for hours. You're going to have to say that again?!

This has been a Health & Safety broadcast on behalf of the Partially Deaf Idiots Society