Frank Thomas Chloe ladies salopettes

New product showcase from Visordown

Does my bum look big in this? Yes.

The matching trousers to complete the Frank Thomas set. Following a few brisk mornings recently these have been fairly handy to slip in and out of, they are a loose cut so allow plenty of movement for riding but have zips at the ankles to stop any flapping material, fleece lined inner legs making them snug.

The waist comes high as do all sallopettes, basically up to my boobs (I’m 5’4” so no suprise on that one). Vanity aside, they are decent quality as you would expect so.

But I’m single and really can’t afford to look like a great big heffalump.

Pros: Warm, easy to get on (sans boots)
Cons: Heffalump

Price: £129.99