Yamaha Fitted: Skidmarx touring screen for Yamaha Tracer 900

Skidmarx screen on Tracer 900

Not a big job, but a big improvement for touring on the Tracer.



THE STOCK screen on our Tracer 900 is perfectly well sized and shaped, and with the built-in manual adjustment, you can get a pretty good range of windblast and protection. I quite like more protection though - especially for later in the year when this stupid heat goes away and we can be happily cold and wet again. 

New Yamaha Tracer 900 GT - Closer look | EICMA 2017

Enter this Skidmarx touring screen. It's about £90, fitting takes literally five minutes (including finding the tool - one medium cross-head screwdriver). Unscrew the stock screen, four screws, fit new one, four screws. Bosh.

The eagle-eyed out there might spot some extra holes on the screen. That's because the pre-2018 bike had some extra rubber supports here, which Skidmark uses (with supplied extra screws) as additional mounting support. Our 2018 bike has dropped those rubbers, so we just filled in the spare holes with the screws for a nice tidy look. Skidmarx is deleting these holes on the 2018 screen now, so we've taken one for the team there. You're welcome.

It's about 13cm wider and taller than stock. Here's a pic to help you visualise that size difference...


More info on the Skidmarx screens HERE.