TCX First look - TCX Baja Mid boots

TCX Baja Mid boots

Half-length adventure boots are super chunky

Half-length adventure boot is much lighter than full dirt boots
Leather outer Waterproof Light Comfy
No shin protection

ENORMOUS OFFROAD boots are great things – and are essential when you’re doing proper dirt riding. The ankle and lower-leg protection needed when you’re away from the asphalt means super-strong armour and solid construction is a must.

But for milder chores, they’re a bit much – heavy, and low on feel. So for mostly-tarmac ‘adventure’ riding, something like these TCX Baja midi boots could be just the job.

From the sole up to the lower calf, they’re much like most other dirt boots: tough leather outer shell, hefty sole, adjustable micro-buckle fasteners. But they’re cut short just above the ankle, so losing much of the weight of a full dirt boot. Worn with a textile suit, they’ll be a better fit under the trouser leg, and though you are missing out on some shin armour, a lot of riding kit has armour here too.

They’re waterproof, with a breathable liner, gusset fastening, and have reinforced armour in the heal, toe and ankle areas. And there’s a nice padded collar round the upper closure.

They feel pretty solid, but I reckon they’ll be well comfy once broken in a bit. They look smart, and are obviously much lighter than a full MX boot.

The Baja Mid boots comes in any colour you like, so long as it’s brown, in sizes 38 – 48. RRP £199.99. For more information on TCX in the UK, visit: