BMW First impressions: Cool Covers motorcycle seat cover £75

First impressions: Cool Covers motorcycle seat cover £75

It's like an aftermarket seat, but for a fraction of the price!

UNLESS you have spent this summer trapped in an industrial freezer you may remember how July and August was one long heatwave.

It was great for riding, but not so great for arriving anywhere sweat free. We all know how tricky it can be to keep cool in full bike kit during the summer months, which is why enduro instructor John Small began making Cool Covers...

Cool Covers is a simple but really effective product that aims to keep your keep your bum safe from the most embarrassing of all sweat patches.

The seat cover is made of a polymer mesh a couple of centimetres thick, firm enough to keep its shape across contours but soft and springy when pressed. The idea is to elevate your bum off the seat allowing cooling air to pass underneath.

The cover does a good job at keeping your backside at a comfortable temperature, but also has some other added benefits, with the extra springiness and boost in seat height helping to relieve pressure points on longer rides. The cover also deals well in the rain by letting the water drain away beneath you, although I wouldn't advise using it through the winter months, as thing can get a little chilly down there...

The covers come in various shapes and sizes, with options for most motorbikes, and can even be custom made to measure for rarer machines. Installation is easily be done at home without tools - the velcro straps wrap underneath your current seat and hold the Cool Cover securely in place.

The covers will fit some seats better than others - my F800GS has BMW's official 'low heigh seat', which meant at first the £75 cover would “hammock” between. However after a couple of weeks of use the cover stretched into a better fit.

Cool covers make an especially good addition to any adventure machine, giving increased comfort and a globetrotting look. If you are planning a tour of any distance or even just a regular commuter an upgraded seat is always a good idea. Often riders splash out hundreds on an aftermarket seat unit, but a Cool Cover offers similar comfort in a cost-effective and convenient manner.  

For more information, or to purchase a Cool Cover, click here. 

Words and photos by Leo Westland.