Dunlop Qualifier II tyre review

Rob's impressed with Dunlop's latest sports tyres

It's difficult to fault almost any of the latest equipment from the major players in arguably the most important sector of the world of aftermarket motorcycle parts.

But every now and then, there's a tyre that really blows me away. In 2001, it was the Bridgestone BT-010, long since replaced by the 012, 014 and now, the 016.

Similarly, when Pirelli launched the Dragon Evo Corsa the same year, we never thought things would get any better. But they have, and now it would seem that Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, Metzeler and Michelin all produce incredibly good tyres.

What seems to have really improved of late is the length of time it takes for the tyres to warm up. Nowadays a couple of corners and that vague feeling of a cold tyre is all but gone.

It would also seem that Dunlop has made bigger strides than anyone of late, with a massive range of road tyres to suit just about anyone. Never a big of fan of Dunlops until recently, I have to say that I'm very, very impressed by their latest hoop, the Qualifier II.

Fitted just in time for a forthcoming test in Visordown Magazine, I've since covered almost 3,000 miles on them in all conditions on every type of road. They work well in the wet and cope well with the lumps and bumps of London's roads but more to the point, when the roads become sun-drenched sinuous ribbons of tarmac, short straights linked by some of the best corners you're ever likely to encounter, they inspire masses of confidence, right up to the point of boots and pegs scraping the deck.

Feel from both ends is superb, there's more than enough grip, the stability is superb and the only reason I'm fitting a new rear at 2,897 miles is the fact that it's got a nail in it - and has had for the last 1200 miles while barely dropping a pound in pressure.

Impressed? Just a bit.

 "Hello? Dunlop? Can I have some more please?"