Diesel lid says you ain't cool enough

The fashion house of Diesel have got their hands on helmets

Diesel have launched a new motorcycle helmet. Well, when we say new, the lid has been 'developed in conjunction with AGV and looks to us like a re-badged AGV Dragon.

But anyway, if you're a scooter rider, or a dedicated mug of fashion, then this lid is for you.

And if you want a laugh, here's what Diesel have to say about it:

You’re a hotshot – you’re a maverick renegade, speeding through life to hell and back at up to 30 mph straight, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

Sure you’re having the time of your life – you’re young, ripe and so very supple – so you need highly styled head protection which comes in a fully branded shoulder bag in printed canvas of course.

Mowie is an advanced utility headwear with interchangeable visor, padded stitched ergonomic neck support, trademark Mohican crest, and truly exceptional robustness.

We're not bothered about a Diesel helmet, but we could be tempted by a Diesel motorcycle..