Bring on the clean: Meguiar's motorcycle range

There's nothing I love more than a shiny motorcycle...

Well, it's the end of winter, there's no snow around and I'm riding a lot more. Because the roads are wet and generally 'orrible, my bikes are looking like they've been rolling around in a field.

I knew that Meguiar's were well established in the car world, but I didn't know they did a motorcycle specific range, so I thought I'd get some in to try it out.

The thing I find about cleaning bikes is that it's enjoyable in the summer but not in the winter. When you're just getting a fairly clean bike even cleaner and spending most of your cleaning session polishing every last bit of metal and making sure the whole thing looks as clean as the day it rolled out of the showroom, well, that's satisfying.

However, when you're cleaning it because you feel that if you don't, it'll dissolve and while you're cleaning it you know that within a day it'll be covered in muck again, well that's another matter.

So it's off with the bucket and sponge and my set of Meguiar's to bring my Kymco Downtown 300i back from the grip of winter grime. It's the EZ Clean Spray & Rinse that'll be getting the most use. Can't see it getting the luxury metal polish treatment until the sun comes out...

See the Meguiar's motorcycle cleaning range here.