Bridgestone BT-023 tyre review

Jon Urry test Bridgestone's latest rubber

Replacing the BT-021, the 023 has a uniform carcass construction but has two different compounds of rubber to alter its performance. The inner rubber is harder for increased life while the rubber on the tyre’s edges is softer for outright grip.

On the brief dry sections of our ride the 023 seemed to get up to working temperature rapidly and delivered good dry grip, certainly more than enough for most road riders if you are honest about your riding ability. Unless you get your knee down at every corner you probably don’t need any more grip. Would it survive a trackday? I would say slow/medium group riders would be ok, but I reckon fast group riders should opt for a sportier choice. But that’s not really the point in the 023, it’s predominantly a road tyre and delivers good grip and excellent claimed wear rates.

Swapping to a chunky BMW R1200RT the 023 remained as impressive. Bridgestone have created a GT spec 023 for heavier bikes which has a softer construction to allow the tyre to absorb come of the road’s bumps giving the bike’s suspension, not to mention the rider, an easier time. While the wet weather grip was equally as apparent as on the sportier bike the BMW’s front end seemed noticeable more secure over cat’s eyes and undulations, giving a confidence inspiring ride and certainly a step up on the out going model 021 tyre.

Away from sportsbikes there is certainly more than enough wet and dry grip for touring riders and again, Bridgestone claim greater wear rates compared to the older model. More grip and more life, what more could you want?