Bridgestone Battlewing BW 501-502 review

I HATE on/off-road tyres. Most trailie owners are never going to take their bikes off-road, so why fit tyres that compromise the handling?

It seems I'm not alone in these thoughts, because the new Battle Wing tyres are designed to be  a more road-orientated rubber.

While it keeps a chunky pattern, which owners want because it fits the look of the bike, the BW has a stiffer construction to avoid tyre flex, and less chunks for a quieter and less wobbly ride.

And they work. Riding on twisty Spanish roads the BW eliminated the tendency of the bikes I rode (a Tiger, Varadero and V-Strom) to squirm under braking, and cornering ability was only compromised by the lack of ground clearance. Having the confidence to simply chuck a big trailie into a corner isn't something I'm used to, and it transformed all the bikes.