BMW Fluoro System 6

For God's sake just don't try robbing a bank in this bad boy

ONE FOR THE IAM BOYS: BMW Motorrad System 6 helmet is now available in a high-visibility fluorescent yellow.

Developed initially for Dutch police riders, who wanted the comfort and safety of the original helmet but in as eye-catching a colour as possible, the Fluoro System 6 features a minimal weight of 1570g for the smaller shell and is one of the quietest flip-fronts on the market with a mere 86 dB (A) at 100km/h.

It also features a drop-down internal sun shield and a mist-resistant double-layered visor to ensure optimum visibility even in the most inclement of weather conditions.

And just to show BMW can do BAD as well as SAFE the BMW Motorrad System 6 helmet is also available in night black, dark grey matt and, ooh, white silver metallic.

Prices start at £375 inc VAT.