AGV's new visor will go from black to clear at the push of a button

LCD-tinted visor will be launched in May

AGV has announced it will soon be releasing a visor that can instantly change from a black tint to clear.

Unlike the Lazer Monaco helmet which changes tint depending on light levels, the AGVisor system uses LCD technology bonded to the visor letting you manually change its tint at the push of a button.

It solves the age-old problem of carrying two visors around.

AGV says the visor will last 12 hours in dark mode, 50 hours in clear mode, and can be fitted to the firm’s Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce range.

Recharge time is two hours via a micro USB port and if the battery dies, the visor will stay in clear mode.

The AGVisor will be launched in the UK in May priced at £149.99.

To see the new system in action at the Swiss Motorcycle Show, skip to 1.22s in the video above.