Zero Motorcycles FXE 7.2 11KW | Living with Electric Bike Review

Zero Motorcycles FXE 7.2 11KW and blue sky with clouds.

The learner legal bike with the power and torque of its big brothers and sisters.

The look and power of this bike had me quadruple checking the license requirement. More like a conventional bike than other electric commuters or 125 equivalents, the FXE isn’t just a starter electric motorbike; it is a bike that is easy to use and easy to enjoy.

It is worth noting that there are two versions of the FXE, one which requires an A1 license and one that requires an A2. I rode the A1 version.


Range and speed

With a top speed of 82 mph and a city range of 100 miles, I did my best to run the battery to empty. The regenerative braking channels energy back into the battery, which means the range is dependent on where and how you ride it. I found that commuting around a city, when I left the house with 98% battery and 42 miles remaining and returned with 86% and 45 miles to go. I rode about 15 miles that day.

One excursion around the countryside found me using more of the range though. I left with 65 miles, rode 50 miles and came back with 19 miles to go.

The Zero FXE produces up to 78 ft-lb of torque, and there are three modes: Eco, Sport and Custom. Custom is modified from an app on your phone. This app can also provide ride stats. Eco is ideal for city riding, but Sport was the most fun and had me clinging on.

Charging and power

With 9.2 hours to fully charged, it is most convenient to charge overnight, and I did notice an increase in my electricity costs on my smart meter in the morning. However, it was still significantly cheaper than fuel costs. A journey that usually cost me about £5, only cost pence.

The charger is built-in and powered from a standard kettle lead, so it can be plugged into any household outlet and is easy to replace if you’re also one who regularly ‘safely’ put things away, never to be seen again…

The charge time can be slashed to only 1.8 hours by purchasing optional Quick Chargers. And the power pack also comes with a 5-year / unlimited mile warranty.


As standard, the FXE arrives with the technology to tailor your ride. It includes ABS (Bosch anti-lock brake system), regenerative braking, Custom ride modes, a connectable app, 100% electric drive train, LED head and tail lights and a full-colour TFT dash.

The dash shows speed, state of charge, power output, selected riding profile and projected recharge time. And I found it easy to use without being too distracting.


Comfort and design

With a curb weight of 135kg, the FXE is lighter than one would expect from an electric. The design has been inspired by the FXS that Bill Webb helped design in 2018, and more than one person was surprised that it was electric. With the look of a combustion bike and the immediately accessible speed of any Zero, I had Audi’s racing me at the lights and (more importantly) losing.

As per usual, I targeted potholes, speedbumps and rough road surfaces to see how the bike handled. The FXE’s Showa suspension meant this was an incredibly comfortable ride. 

The only problem was the back brake position. Although I’m not tall, I have long legs, and the back brake pedal placement meant I had to have my heel on the frame at an angle. At first, I thought I was pressing on a cable. I have spoken to other riders who haven’t had this issue.


The price starts at £12,670.


Zero Motorcycles FXE verdict

I rushed to get my full license because my 125 felt dangerous on dual carriages, without the power to get out of danger. If I had the FXE, I wouldn’t have been in such a rush to get my full license.

With the design of a conventional bike and the ease of use of their other models, the FXE holds its own with bigger siblings. I received less hassle from other vehicle users, and I found it easy to navigate through tight British streets, running errands and travelling from village to city. 

Like all electrics, I urge you to try as the ride is nothing like a combustion. The FXE is an excellent bike to get the taste of an electric or for your Gen Zer to join you on your next ride out. You can book your test ride for the Zero Demo Days.

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Zero Motorcycles FXE specification


View the full specification at Zero Motorcycles.