Kymco KYMCO DTX360 Living with a scooter | Motorcycle Review


Launched in 2021, the DTX360 is KYMCO’s first foray into the adventure sector.

Seen as a competitor to the Honda X-ADV, the KYMCO DTX360 was designed for urban and country roads, as well as light off-road terrain. I found the ride comfortable and the bike incredibly easy to use, and the pop of the exhaust combined with the sound of the engine added to the riding experience.

Economy, Comfort and Design



The DTX360 is an economical bike at 65mpg, which is handy when petrol prices are kicking £2 a litre. The range is 180 miles (290km), so cheap enough to run to work and back, and still have enough fuel to take the long way home.


As this is an adventure scooter, this is a comfortable ride. The 14” front wheel and a 13” rear are fitted with adventure-spec tyres. The upright riding position meant that I could jump off the bike without the need to unpop my hips and lower back. It has wraparound protective handguards, and the 800mm is comfortable enough for two.

The DTX360 comes with a Traction Control System, so it is much easier to handle on all types of terrain. I took it around the backroads of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, where the potholes look more like sinkholes, and the telescopic front and double swing back suspension handle the surface without causing permanent damage to the bike or myself. 


It feels like the KYMCO DTX360 was designed specifically for comfort and convenience. The keyless system was easy to use and the digital display was large enough and clear enough that I could read it during torrential rain and without looking down. It shows the air temperature sensor, fuel consumption, battery voltage, total and trip odometer, speedometer, tachometer, digital clock, fuel level and coolant temperature indicators.

Brakes and Power

The ABS brake system is responsive, with the ability to stop quickly without throwing you off like an annoyed mule. Handy as the DTX360 is hardly slow.

Car drivers do need to learn that just because it’s a scooter, doesn’t mean they’ll lose off the line at a set of traffic lights. The DTX360 must look unassuming to other road users as I found myself being raced on more than one occasion. The twist and go is surprisingly quick, with a max torque of 30 Nm / 5750 rpm, there was enough speed.

The engine is a four-valve liquid-cooled single of 320cc in size. It produces a claimed 29bhp and 22lb-ft of torque. It is also available as a 125.





Priced at £5,559, in a choice of orange or green, so to be brightly seen or blend in with the undergrowth.



Overall, I had a good time with this scooter. Although this was my first time on a petrol scooter, I looked forward to going for a ride on this. It was comfortable, responsive, and made me want to go off-road. I would have liked to have longer (and to have more experience) to have taken this off-road.

If you’re looking for a crossover or a comfortable ride, I would recommend to you take the DTX360 for a test ride. Find your local dealer and give it a go.