Video: Aprilia RSV4 RF onboard fast lap at Misano

Onboard Aprilia's 2015 RSV4 RF with Ben Cope for a 'lively lap' of Misano at this week's launch

HERE'S an onboard lap on Aprilia's 2015 RSV4 RF, shot during the third of our four sessions at the launch at Misano this week. It's a decent lap that demonstrates a few of the points I was making about the bike in my review.

As we head down the straight into Turn 1, you get an idea of just how strong those front brakes are but also how smooth the bike is going into corners on the front brakes, no fuss. There's the flick through Turn 2 into Turn 3, a tricky right-hander where you wait for what seems like ages before getting on the gas. You're fairly well cranked over here and yet with a decent squeeze of the throttle you can see how the bike drives forward with the rear end scrabbling for grip but the electronics don't get in your way.

Then through the double rights of Turn 4 and 5 and through the left of Turn 6, it amazes me looking back at this video how relentless the engine is as it munches through the gears down that straight. Just look at the rev needle.

Out of Turn 8 through Turn 9, you can see the bars weaving as the rear end digs in under power as I'm trying to get the bike across the track ready to brake through Turn 9 for the hairpin, Turn 10.

It's through hairpins like Turn 10 where the RSV4 RF felt as its best. Ultra planted, you can stay on the front brake right up to the apex with your knee on the floor (if that's your style). Then ripping out of Turn 10 onto the back straight the weave presents itself again. This was - as I mentioned in my review - dialled out by adding more rear preload but the Aprilia mechanics didn't have time to sort this out on my bike. As we approach Turn 11 at 150mph, I was definitely keen the front end calmed down a touch to allow me to get somewhere near the apex. A slight roll puts a bit of weight over the front and makes it easier to get the bike in.

Then another big braking point, probably the trickest of the lap. You start braking for Turn 13, through Turn 12, you're leant over and it requires faith that the front end will take it. This was another part of the track where the bike felt so much more composed than I was.

Then it's just the final section, Turn 14, a first gear hairpin. Here I wanted to use a bit of rear brake to help me stay tight but the rear ABS felt like it was scuppering that idea. The bike takes a decent amount of effort to flick from Turn 14 into Turn 15 and through Turn 16. Again, it feels like it's on rails.

As you can see, it's a lively lap but if one came past me on a trackday, I'd have to be riding something special to be in with a chance of keeping up.

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