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Yamaha Incoming: 2018 BMW C400 X Scooter launch

Our Laura's in Milan for the BMW C400 X scooter launch. Is she having fun though?

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BECAUSE THAT'S all that matters after all, amirite? La Thomson is currently running through a posh hotel to get to the BMW press conference. Here's what she reckons so far.

"I hate days like these – early starts, hours spent at airports, short-haul flights and hot minibus transfers… But I can’t really complain, as there’s always a light at the tunnel, and today’s light comes in the form of BMW’s C 400 X scooter. I’ve not long arrived at the wonderful Châteauform’ Villa Gallarati Scotti just outside of Milan and will be riding the funky scoot tomorrow.

"But what is it? Well this is the German brand’s debut entry into the mid-size scooter segment – they already have the larger C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. Powered by a 350cc single cylinder engine coupled with a CVT gearbox, the C 400 X is here to rival the likes of Yamaha’s X-MAX 400, and it even comes in a similar shade of blue.

"It makes 34hp and 34Nm at 6,000rpm and weighs a middling 204kg wet. Safety is accounted for by ABS and Automatic Stability Control- BMW's traction control system. LED lighting surrounds the bike, adding to its futuristic look. It also sports BMW’s multifunctional instrument cluster, with its high-end 6.5-inch TFT dash, and as with the manufacturer’s other bikes, it can be nicely specced out with stacks more kit."

New BMW C400 X - Closer look | EICMA 2017

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