MV Agusta First impressions: MV Agusta Turismo SCS

Mv Agusta Turismo Veloce SCS

Initial impressions from the MV Turismo Veloce launch at Varese today

OUR MAN Shaun Pope is riding the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce SCS today at Varese, and has feverishly texted some first thoughts to the office...

"Firstly, the engine is a bit underpowered for a tourer - it needs the RR 140 engine rather than the wheezy 110. Although having said that, I've been riding a GSX-R1000 for the past month or so so am used to 180bhp at the moment... The brakes are good, and it'll be great on UK roads thanks to the long travel suspension.

"The clutch is the main part though - there's no need to use the lever (except for wheelies, ha!), which takes a bit of getting used to. It works well - and the bike is, in theory, unstallable. The basket has 12 plates so the gearchange is a bit stiff. You can override the automatic action by pulling the lever yourself, and it essentially goes off like a fast scooter.

"Agusta says it's all about performance rather than just a 'comfort' touring accessory though.'"

"It's not perfect however. It's left me rolling along at high speed a couple of times when that shouldn’t be possible, and one of the other journos has stalled it which also shouldn’t be possible."

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More from Pope-san on the TV800 SCS (as no one will call it) later!