2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

We report back from the launch of the new for 2010 Harley-Davidson range

2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide
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After a two-year hiatus the Dyna Wide Glide is back. For those not too up with their Harley models, the Dyna Wide Glide is aimed at the ‘first big engine’ Harley owners who have progressed through the Sportster ranks. In order to keep interest up in its model range, Harley often drop a specific model for a few years and then re-introduce an updated version, and this is exactly what has happened with the Dyna Wide Glide.

For 2010 the Dyna gets the current six-speed 96 cubic inch (that’s 1584cc to you and me) engine, updated chassis, black spoke wheels, a sissy bar and 2-1-2 ‘Tommy Gun’ exhausts.

Having not ridden a Harley for a couple of years I can’t believe how far they have progressed when it comes to handling. The Dyna, despite its skinny 21-inch front wheel, feels so much better through the bends than I remember of previous models.

Obviously you aren’t going to rip around a track on one, but it now handles up to the limits imposed on it by its lack of ground clearance. And the six-speed engine is far better than the old five-speed one. It has all the sound and character you would expect (including the huge clunk when first gear is selected) but a stack more practicality with the sixth gear, which basically acts like an over-drive and allows you to keep the revs down and ‘duff, duff’ along.

The only slight niggles I have with the Dyna is the seat, which is a little unforgiving and seems to cup your arse rather than comfort it with padding, and the side stand, which is a complete bastard to locate.

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