Zero Zero SR/S

Zero SRS
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Is it a sports bike, a sports tourer, or a faired naked? In truth, I’m not sure. The Zero is a comfortable machine, with slightly awkward styling that will thrive on short journeys and around town or take you on shortish jaunts down the motorway. There’s no getting away from the price, at £21k for the premium model I rode, it is an expensive bit of kit. But there are large financial gains to be had thanks to the lake of servicing and £2 or £3 recharge cost.

The thing I can’t get out of my head though is something that occurred to me on my ride up the motorway to MotoDirect. As the range anxiety crept in and began to worry about getting there at all, I dropped my speed and sat with all the articulated lorries in the inside lane. For me, that’s not progress.

I know electric bikes will catch up, I just wish they’d do it as quickly as they did at the Isle of Man TT.