Yamaha Yamaha Tricity 300

Yamaha Tricity 300 Visordown Review
Yamaha's leaning multi-wheel tech makes a mockery of even the worst road surface
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Yes, it isn’t the cheapest 300cc scooter on the market – it’s already £2k more than the XMAX 300 it shares so many parts with. But you have to remember who the bike is aimed at, car and train commuters fed up with the cost and congestion of the UK’s roads and rail network.

For them, the Tricity is an attractive and safe way of getting onto a bike, and it circumnavigates them having to do their full bike test, an activity that will swallow nearly a grand of that price difference to the XMAX 300 in just a week’s worth of training.

Are leaning multi-wheeled scooters the future of road transport in the UK, probably not. But you can’t ignore their benefits on the road and popularity on the continent. They may not be the bikes that will save motorcycling, but with our inclement weather and crap roads, they make more sense today than ever before.


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