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Submitted by User_214271 (not verified) on Sat, 15/02/2014 - 18:23

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Sherco took over the Scorpa factory in 2011 and updated the old Scorpa T-Ride to become the X-ride by replacing the Yamaha 250f enduro engine with their own 2-stroke trials engine. The X-Ride is a better bike than the old T-ride and the KTM freeride if you are purely interested in riding off-road on really gnarly tracks. If you want to ride long distance trials competitions or extreme trails and you don't care about the fact that you have to mix 2-stroke oil into your petrol and don't care that it is kick start only then this is the bike for you.


A great bike if you are interested in long distance trials and want the equivalent of a modern Pampera. The Sherco 290 two stroke trials motor is very torquey and easy to use. It will easily pull 3rd gear in a muddy section. It is very light for a trail bike. The concept is similar to the KTM free-ride but it is a better bike for serious off-road use because it is lighter with a lower c of g and an engine that is almost impossible to stall.


It is a two stroke so great off road but not so useful on the road. Stock tyres and chain are poor. There is a big jump between 4th and 5th gear (5th is for road use only). The digital speedo stops working the first time you get it really muddy - but they all do that. For trials competitions it could usefully be an inch lower and an inch or two shorter.

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