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Submitted by ed (not verified) on Sat, 30/03/2013 - 02:18

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I bought the YBR 250 to replace my much loved FZS600. Ill health threatened to end my motorcycling. Ergonomically, the YBR feels familiar, and the lighter weight is less fatiguing. I like the concept of a small capacity air cooled single as I enjoy doing my own maintenance. Whilst I miss the acceleration of the bigger machine, The real-world speed is adequate for dual carriageways and short motorway use. An indicated top speed of 85 solo and around 70 two-up is realistic. I enjoy country lanes, and particularly exploring the Derbyshire peak district where it is in its element. Handling is sure footed and it turns in well with a couple of clicks of preload on the back. This bike reminds me of the old Honda RS250 I enjoyed in my yoof. Not realy a hooning machine, it can nevertheless be hustled along a winding route by maintaining momentum which is rewarding enough for me. I was lucky enough to buy mine second hand with 950 miles for under £2k. Apart from needind paint on the down pipe it is mint. OK, some might consider it basic and 'built down to a price' but the finish is good,and it feels well built. The seat is comfortable enough for a long stint, and a 19 later tank ensures a range of more than 190 miles. The brakes could use a little more bite - it has a 200mm disc and rear drum. Better pads and braided line should improve things. Also thicker fork oil would improve damping on the front. As a pragmatic solution to old age and infirmity, it has hit the spot!


Brisk, reliable, economical, roomy, well finished, more fun than you would think.


very quiet, a bit breathless at top end. Staid image

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