MV Agusta Brutale B3 675 (2012 - present)

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I've done 2500 miles in 4 months and I'm loving this bike. Bad points first though, the rear shock was too hard as standard for my weight (9 1/2 stone) so I had an Ohlins spring fitted and a set up by KAIS in Leigh which cost £200. This gave a more compliant ride without sacrificing anything on the corners and was money well spent. The seat as mentioned above is far to firm and that's about all I've got to complain about. The rest of it is absolutely brilliant, I love the traction control, it gives me much more confidence, you can just nail it coming out of corners and if the rear tyre can't cope the TC backs it off for you, great fun. The fuel mapping is now pretty much spot on though the throttle sensitivity took me a few hundred miles to get used to. I reckon the gearbox took about 2000 miles to bed in and is now nice and slick, when brand new it was notchy with the occasional false neutral. The engine is mint, loads of mid range and a howling, guttural top end. Instant smiles. Overall the bike feels like a quality product, with exceptional attention to detail, it looks stunning, every time I get off it at the end of a ride I'm smiling. Best thing I've ever bought!


Stunning looks, engine note, handling and ergonomics.


Standard shock too hard as is the seat

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