Yamaha YP400 Majesty (2004 - present)

YP400 Majesty (2004 - present)
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Submitted by petev on Sun, 05/06/2011 - 22:26

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Had this scooter since January this year. I got it to use instead of a car for running local errands mostly. By adding a 46 litre top box I am able to carry a good deal on shopping trips. The front fairing is well designed because it deflects the wind effectively from the hands as well as the body. It is very easy to ride and handles far better than you would expect for a scooter of this size so can be real fun to ride.


Good weather protection. Excelent handling and brakes. Surprising turn of speed. Good storage space. 6000 mile service intervals.


Could do with a little more rider room. Suspension a little on the harsh side this may improve with use. High purchase price. No accessory socket. Many bike riders tend to ignore you.

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