Aprilia SRV850 (2012 - present)

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I love it ,its been my main mode of transport for 16 months now and it still makes me smile every time i ride it . I will hold my neck out and say this handles better than a lot of bikes i have owned over the years . I have commuted and done 500 mile days on it without complaint and even a track day its just so much fun . Ive been out with friends on there sports bikes etc and the srv has held its own ,yes when really pushed you can show up the suspension weakness ,but its not a sports bike ,its not a full dresser or a cavernous maxi scooter which will hold the kitchen sink . I will say its a bit of everything as it .will take luggage and lots of it ,it will scratch and be very entertaining ,you can cruise and tour .I was ready to pack up biking due to serve discomfort but the srv changed this for the better and also changed my view of why people get these maxi scooters ,they offer lots of possibilities to the owner .The cvt transmission is a peach its smooth snatch free and you can never be in the wrong gear . I have found since owning the srv that my normal journeys tend to take less time than they did on a conventional bike . .Weather protection is very good ,but the original screen is too small to be of any use ,so this was replaced with a taller item . I am very surprised how well it responds to counter steering which really does help turn this big machine quite quickly . Would i buy one again YES ,but i would never buy new at £8300 ex demo £6000 more realistic .


Its fast and handles far better than many will and have led people to believe . Looks are personal taste so imho i think its cool . This machine has a peach of an engine which makes this just great to ride ,its no sports bike but its a more comfortable option with 50+mpg and in excess of 200 mile tank range . Mine does not have abs atc etc but i find the braking works just fine . I am able to get it on to its centre stand quite easily even though its not that light and i have a disability to hinder this .it has plenty of leg room which is a real bonus . Reliability has been great for 13k.


The biggest cons for me are that the plastics are not the best screwed together with it loosing a few screws regular . The continuing issue of incorrect fuel gauge readings .Lack of better quality suspension for the price .Very hard to read analogue mph speedo . 249 kg heavy .Fasteners are very cheap and pipe/hose clips are nasty .Passengers complain about the side panel edge being uncomfortable pressing into the calf muscle with a un lady like positioning .

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