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The Generic Trigger SM50, is a very good looking bike. For a 50cc you couldn't ask for any better. Many people mistake the bike for a KTM before they actually realise its just a Chinese lookalike. The bike is more than fast enough for just 50ccm. Stock gearing (11/55) has given me 45mph. Servicing is usually Very cheap, insurance is cheap, tax is only £17 (correct as of 15/02/14). The build quality in most places is very rugged and overbuilt almost, the only place to be careful of is the front fairing.. Be very cautious of the clips to remove it when changing bulbs. The 10 litre tank is very large for such a small engined bike! My friends with A Derbi Senda & Gilera SMT's only have around 6 litres. I recommend this bike for any 16 year old (any older and go for the 125, much more reliable, only costs slightly more, and it's a 4 stroke instead of 2). If you're not bothered about cost then go for a Derbi. But, if you're on a budget, get one of these. Just make sure you set aside some money for repairs and servicing.


*I paid £700 for a 61 plate with 1100 miles. Very cheap, only £1500 new. *Better looking than all other 50cc supermoto's in my local area. *I'm 16, and this is my first bike. Insurance was dirt cheap. *Acceleration is better than the majority of cars at traffic lights. *This is a geared bike, or "moped", meaning you get experience with gears and your clutch before buying a bigger bike where gearing really matters. *very comfortable, even on long journeys *Does more than 100Mpg *Parts are very cheap *Very powerful brakes *Looks like at least a 250!!


*Not the most reliable bike in the world, my piston rings slipped off after just over 400miles. *Some parts are VERY difficult to get hold of. Eg. The intake manifold, as the genuine am6 manifold does NOT fit. I'm waiting for a manifold to be imported. Very long wait *The electric start doesn't always start the bike.. Drains the battery at times. Starts first or second kick though. *Struggles to keep up with the more "premium" makes, eg Derbi Senda Drd 50 Pro, Gilera SMT 50. *The fuel cap is NOT lockable,. It just unscrews. *Runs VERY hot with the thermostat in. Remove this and you're fine.

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