Yamaha XV250 Virago

XV250 Virago
Available from
1988 to 2001

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Submitted by typhon219 on Thu, 11/04/2013 - 16:08

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I bought the Virago as a winter hack. I wanted economy but a 125 felt too small for me so i thought a 250 cruiser would be better. It's nippy for a small bike and can pull away from traffic easily. It feels as light as a 125 so manouvering it around is a doddle, and it can even go around corners. The riding position is typical cruiser so you can spend alot of time in the saddle. I've taken it on motorways a couple of times and it can cruise at speed once you get there without too much fuss from the engine. the mpg is good although the tank is small so you have to top up every 130 miles. Insurance and tax are both cheap too so running costs are penuts (the money I save on petrol alone from running a sportsbike every day will cover the running costs of the Yam) The only downsides really are how soft it is, you'll feel the bumps on our roads. And the brakes are not great. Also now we're out of winter selling it is difficult as there are not many buyers for 250 cruisers. Probably a better bike if you want to hang on to it.


light manouverable punchy economical


small fuel tank too soft (probably due to age) brakes

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