Honda VFR800 VTEC (2014 - present)

It's so sleek there are few lines for the eye to follow. It's like looking at a pool of red. Or black or white if you're mad enough to choose another colour. A pool you want to dive into
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In its standard form it is as well spec'd as a Victoria's Secret model at Christmas. It has everything you could want for riding on a daily basis. The standard heated grips have five levels, displayed on the excellent digital dash. The white on black digital dash has a large analogue rev counter in the middle. All the usual fair in displayed, speed, clock, trip computer and a gear indicator. The rest of the switchgear is as you would expect with the exception of swapped indicator and horn switch locations, which I prefer. The self cancelling indicators are good once you get used to how they work. The riding position is superb for me, a large borrower at 5'8", the seat is comfortable with two height positions. Positioned slightly forward, but not too much, and not too upright like a meerkat after a caffeine fix. The ride feels solid and instills confidence through corners, turn in is predictable and communicative. The standard Dunlop tyres are poor, especially in the wet. The seamless V4 VTEC motor will give you a good 40 - 45mpg with minimum effort, I am sure you can push that figure close to 50mpg. Living with the VFR is a very pleasurable experience. It gets on with it. I love it's clean looks and single slab of colour paint scheme, it has to be red though. The finish is superb and everything feels very well screwed together. I believe the VFR is greater than the sum of its parts and will keep a smile on my face for many years to come. Or until Honda release a VFR1000 :-).


The hypnotic sound of the V4 engine, enhanced by the Akrapovic exhaust that I chose with mine. Remove the noise baffle and the sound on full chat can only be described as an angry Wookie. Very easy to ride as you split the traffic in rush hour. The digital dash as easy to read in bright sunlight as it is when illuminated at night like cats eyes caught in the VFR's superb LED headlights. Service intervals. Big smiles, everyday.


The awkward location of the trip computer buttons. You have to reach over the clutch reservoir, which is better performed stationary unless you like stabbing at the dash randomly trying to hit one of the buttons while in motion, in a whack a mole fashion. Service costs.. The VTEC transition is seamless, apart from when the engine is very cold. (3°C or less) You notice a small jump as it goes from two valves to four. I have only noticed this three times and on each occasion I have been aggressive on the throttle before it has had chance to warm up properly.

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