Yamaha YZF750R (1993 - 1996)

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1993 to 1996
A classic from WSB's glory years.
The engine burns oil and it's a bit top-endy.
Can't live with the GSXR750 or FireBlade on the road. Needs to be worked hard

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Submitted by Alex the Zed on Fri, 18/05/2012 - 01:57

Overall Review

Oodles of feel good factor, great handling and scary power. Will have you smiling with a cigarette after a day's riding with a post coital grin!


Great chunky styling that never fails to catch the eye of biker and non-biker alike. Bags of very comfortable power from tickover up, and absolutely awesome handling with confidence building weight and stability - this will get your knee down if you've never done it before! Moreover it's comfortable. 200 miles is nothing, only pressure is trying to keep the speeds below 100 because it's so solid and safe feeling.


It was built when big was good, so it's heavy to push around (though not heavy to steer) and it's designed for high speed so below 50 it does have a tendency for oversteer. Only for 5'8" plus riders I'd say. Not really a little roundabout town bike then and this is backed up by an mpg of just 32.5 round town (45 motorways) so the tank light comes on around the hundred mark (though it'll run for another thirty miles).

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