Yamaha FZR400RR

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Excellent chassis and low seat height for new riders.
Revvy and buzz engine, lack of power.
High-revving mini race bike needs to be wound up, but boy does it handle

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Submitted by jwer23 on Sun, 17/10/2010 - 22:59

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A great little bike, very confidence inspiring, but really needs to be thrashed to go at any pace. Getting a bit long in the tooth now, but engine and chassis are still gems. If your are looking for a good first sports bike they are ideal, great as a trackday tool also and still eligible for race series too. Needs working hard to keep in the power band, so if you were looking for a small road sports bike perhaps also consider an SV650 or ER6 as torque would make for a less frantic ride.... But if you like to feel you are really getting everything possible from your bike, look no further than the 3TJ SP version!! Very rewarding!


Great fun to ride, very confidence inspiring due to low power and lovely handling. Chassis is more than capable of extra power, have heard of lots of 600 hybrids. Mine is much improved with Maxton reworked internals in the forks, and an SP rear shock (mine is earlier RR model), and a racing airbox. Currently run a full yamaha works exhaust which sounds unbelievable when on song, and has the added bonus of 1 foot flames out the back on the over-run! :)


I have had a few problems with the clutch which i was reliably told was a weak point on the RR, doesn't take much to fry it. On the SP they added one extra plate so it sounds true enough... Also had a few electrical problems, blown CDI, broken pick-up, burnt out connectors, but think it may just be down to the age of the bike, it is 21 years old!!! Again, to be expected with this sort of bike, but the riding position is very cramped, and I'm only 5'8!

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