Harley-Davidson Sportster S (2021)

H-D Sportster S Visordown video and review
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Sure, there are sharper steering bikes in the sub-150bhp cruiser class, you only have to take a glance at the front wheel to know that. The new bike though does bring a certain level of visual attitude to the class. It’s also capable of taking the fight to the new breed of performance cruisers

But there is a caveat to this, and Harley-Davidson is currently walking a tightrope with the Sportster S. Updating this model too much and too fast could severe the link that Sportster has with so many died in the wool Harley-Davidson fans. Sure, they’ll ultimately win over some new faces in the process, I just hope that all that ride it can see past the history and appreciate the future that Harley has in store.