Ducati Ducati Panigale V4 S (2022)

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Very easy to ride

Pulling into the pits after each dry session, I was continually surprised by the lack of panting and heavy breathing I was doing. Riding any modern sports bike on track is a very physical affair, and the Panigale is normally one of the most physical to ride. Or should I say was?

Keep it in the Race Evo B mode (which engages the torque mapping in the first three gears), and the head-shaking badassery of old is pretty much all but eliminated. And I don’t think that means you’ll be missing out on much speed either. The new, easier to ride Panigale takes less out of you, under acceleration, braking and in the corner. For middle-aged middleweights like myself, that means you can ride harder, for longer and get the most out of your on-track sessions.