SWM revives old Huskys

Old brand brought back with cast-off Husqvarnas and Chinese-funded new models

IF you’re old enough you might recall the name SWM (that’s Speedy Working Motors) as a maker of trials and enduro machines in the '70s and '80s. Well now the name is back with a line of Husqvarna-derived off-roaders, supermotos and new retro street models.

If the Superdual 650, SM450R and RS300R machines look familiar, it’s because they’re virtually identical to pre-KTM-take-over Husqvarna machines (the SM610, SMR450 and TE310 respectively). The latest Husky models are all KTM-derived, since the firm was taken over by KTM boss Stefan Pierer, so they’ve sold on the rights to the earlier models to SWM.

The other three new models are all powered by an old-fashioned, air-cooled 435cc single, likely to originate in China since SWM’s funding comes from Chinese bike firm Shineray. They look good in an oddball sort of way, with a range that includes the ‘Silver Vase’ scrambler, ‘GranTurismo’ naked bike and ‘Gran Milano’ café racer.

No word yet on UK availability, but in mainland Europe the retro machines are expected to cost around €5,000 while the re-branded Huskys will all be nearer the €6,000 mark.