One-off Indian Chief Vintage with snowy mountain theme

Just don't try riding it up one

One-off Indian Chief Vintage with snowy mountain theme

IT doesn't look like it's made for the snow-covered peak of an Austrian mountain but that's where this Indian is going - to appear at a museum at the highest hotel in Europe.

It’s called ‘Top Mountain’ in honour of the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum, where it’s to be exhibited. Built by Austrian Indian dealer Markus Krasser from Styrian Motor Cycle (SMC), it was originally a 2016 Indian Chief Vintage.

While it’s over-the-top, bagger style might not be to all tastes, there’s no questioning the effort that’s gone into it. In particular, the paintwork, depicting scenes from the museum and some of the other 250 bikes on display, is impressive.

In terms of spec, the Indian has a massive 26-inch front wheel, air suspension at both ends (adjustable via a switch mounted to the left of the rear cylinder, where the fuel gauge also hides) and one-off bodywork made by SMC. The fuel tank is from a Victory Hammer, and the exhausts are routed under the rear wheel fairings to a single exit in the centre of the rear valance.

The museum it’s built for looks like a good stop-off if you’re in the Austrian Alps, or a good excuse for a trip there if you’re not. Set near the Italian border, in Hochgurgl, it’s connected to a whole resort that has a strong motorcycle vibe. Nearby is ‘Area 47’, an adventure playground open from May-October and featuring KTM Freeride-e electric motocrossers as one if its main attractions. The mountain pass roads nearby are also an obvious motorcycling attraction.